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Recognized Intuitive Insight Expert, Speaker, and Author.

With over 10 years of global experience as a recognized intuitive expert, speaker, corporate trainer and author, Julie Farha has become one of the Nation's most sought out intuition experts. She understands the importance of intuition and teaches people and companies how to apply it to everyday life and decision-making.

Julie has coached hundreds of people, including professionals, executives and leaders. She has delivered business and corporate workshops across multiple industries as well as personal group events and transformative programs.

Her authentic insight into people’s lives gives them a connection to true “intuitive” assessment of their circumstances. This creates the backbone for better decisions and actions to accelerate successful outcomes with tact and finesse—personally and professionally. Today she offers her gift in the form of books, seminars, one-on-one sessions and corporate training helping and teaching people how to tap into their intuition and make the right decisions on large and small scales.

Born in Wichita, Kansas, Julie received a Bachelor of Arts from Arizona State University in Political Science and Life Coaching Fundamentals certification from Southwest Institute for Healing Arts.


"Julie was laser focused. She helped me clearly state the important business decision I had to make, and then differentiate what was my logic, emotion and intuition. In the end I felt so aligned with my intuition going into a high stakes business meeting. And I made a clear decision in less than 45 minutes that would have taken me days or weeks of agony wondering what the best course of action was. Thank you Julie. I advise everyone try her Tangible Intuition method as it truly does help you make the right decision every time with minimal effort."

- Dr. Sharon Lamm-Hartman, CEO
Inside-Out Learning, Inc.

"After reading Julie Farha’s book, Tangible Intuition, I was absolutely thrilled to host her as a guest speaker at a recent staff luncheon. Our staff is made up of some of the best professionals in the hospitality business. Each day they make tough decisions that impact not only our organization, but also our community. Julie’s presentation equipped our staff with the tools they need to recognize their intuition, whether in their professional lives or their personal lives. She gave them peace of mind that more often than not, their gut instincts are spot on when making those decisions. Julie was insightful and inspiring, and I can’t wait to see the effect her words have on our team."

- Rachel Sacco, President & CEO
Scottsdale Convention & Visitors Bureau

"Julie was a guest speaker for our Lunch-and-Learn wellness series. Wow, what a terrific speaker; employees loved her! Her Tangible Intuition presentation was concise, interesting and educational. It provided employees practical tools on how to use intuition to guide life decisions. I highly recommend Julie for your next employee meeting. Simply outstanding."

- Jon Bohnert, President
Symmetry Software

"Julie has helped me understand myself and to believe in my own intuition in business. It has always has paid off, and I have always paid when I went against it. Today I am enlightened to my own tools of which I have always possessed and now use every day. I would have never understood how to apply very basic fundamentals of intuition to my business mind and acumen. We all posses this but rarely use what is our best resource. Julie shows us how!"

- Curtis M., California
Business Owner/Investor, IT Industry

"Julie Farha is one of those rare Intuitive Insight Life Coaches who just knows how to “connect” with people. She helps individuals and organizations develop a simple, powerful plan to achieve demonstrable changes. Julie is worth the time, the money- and if you are still sitting there reading this testimonial- I ask you, ‘What are you waiting for?"

- Kris A., Arizona
Realtor, Remax Excalibur

"I attended the class with great excitement to learn tools to tap into my own intuition and to be able to make it realistic. Julie was well prepared with a great outline and “roadmap” to how to begin this process. She explains things very well and facilitated the group in a fun way where you felt safe to discuss and query her on matters in this area. I would recommend the course."

- Patti, Scottsdale

"This is one investment of time and money that will definitely benefit you - Julie shares great insight and I am executing on the ideas as we speak! Don't miss this event."

- Rebecca, Scottsdale

"Julie’s like that long time friend – the one you see and speak with less than you’d like – who “gets” you. She keeps me honest, sometimes asking questions I’m afraid to ask myself. She candidly but compassionately helps me correct my life’s course when the doubts in my head get in the way of the dreams in my heart."

- Tom B., Colorado


Tangible Intuition

For Intuition to be anything more than a “soft” skill, Julie’s book, Tangible Intuition, reveals a simple technique that helps everyone—from CEOs and entrepreneurs to students and stay-at-home moms to young adults and retired professionals. With a focus on practical ideas delivered in an entertaining way so you, your employees, and your family start to recognize and trust their intuitive “gut” instinct as a hard skill, not a fleeting feeling. Julie’s process reveals how intuition communicates through signals in your body. This way you can quickly discern it’s guidance and use it for better decision making every time.

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